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Poetry and Translations by: Mat Chiappe, Alvin Wong, Zoria Petkoska, Taylor Mignon, Sarah Caulfield, Andrew, David Severn, Jordan A. Y. Smith, Simon Scott, Andrew Hanson, Carl Walsh, Alan Ojeda (tranlsated by Griselda Perrota), Seira Duncan, Kana Hozoji, Kathleen Hellen, Misumi Mizuki (translated by Andrew Gebert), Nagae Yūki (translated by Jordan A. Y. Smith), Terayama Shūji (translated by Marc Sebastian-Jones), Matthew Zuckerman, Trish Shishikura, Christian Hernández, Barbara Summerhawk, Ibaragi Noriko (translated by Peter Robinson and Andrew Houwen).

Reviews of works by Tanikawa Shuntaro and Miho Nonaka.

Art by Simon Kalajdjiev (cover), Erica Ward, & Apolo Cacho.

Plus a chance to "collect the invisible poem"....


Available at major online stores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Tokyo Poetry Journal Volume 11 - Tokyo City/Slice

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