Volume 7: Yamato-Sepharad Constellations

A foray, nay––many forays––into the relations between Japanese and Spanish-language poetry around the world. Editorially spearheaded and masterminded by Jeffrey Johnson. Cryptic title explained in the volume's introduction...

Poetry and translations by Aurelio Asiain, Abul Kalam Azad, Matías Chiappe Ippolito, Juan Antonio Ibáñez Jiménez, Luisa Futoransky, Juan Gelman, Michelle Har Kim, Jeffrey Johnson, Toshiya Kamei, Yannis Livadas,Federico García Lorca, Iain Maloney, Fernando Millán, Doris Moromisato, Ámbar Past, Octavio Paz, Ana Prundaru, Jordan A. Y. Smith, and José Watanabe.


Essays/interviews by Aurelio Asiain, Matías Chiappe Ippolito, Yaxkin Melchy Ramos, and Jordan A. Y. Smith


Photography by Naemi Ueta

Art by Yasumasa Toshima

From this issue:

Ámbar Past

Huitzilopochtli in Front

of a Mirror

Juan Antonio Ibañez

Perhaps It Was

the Guitar

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