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Volume 12:

Contemporary Japanese poets in translation volume. Please send translations or inquiries. We are also interested to hear from translators who would like to contribute and are open to suggestions about which poets or poems we'd like to see (people like Stephen Snyder and Ginny Tapley Takemori fall into this category ☺️ -- bring us your heat).  



Volume 13: Maladies, calamities, and misfortunes

Tokyo Poetry Journal is also accepting submissions for our upcoming Volume 13. 
In a departure from our usual preference for Japan and Japanese subject matter, we’re welcoming submissions from all across the globe for this volume. Send us your best! 


Submission deadline: December 31, 2022.
Volume 13 is scheduled to go to press in early April 2023. Selections will be made by mid-February. 

Submit 3–6 poems in an MS Word attachment by email:
Include a 100-word biography.

While we do not offer monetary compensation at this time, contributors whose work appears in print will receive two complimentary copies of the journal.


Please read carefully before submitting. Submissions that don't meet these requirements are likely to be rejected. 

Submissions should be formatted as follows:


  • MS Word (.docx) files

  • twelve-point, Times New Roman font

  • one-inch margins all around

  • smart quotes please 

  • for any texts where formatting is important, include PDF as well as Word file.

  • file name should be titled as such: "[AUTHOR NAME], [NUMBER OF POEMS]". e.g. "Jordan Smith, Five poems"

  • for translations, translator name should also be included in the body of the poem text

Include with your submission a bio of 100-150 words for poet/author(s), and translator, if applicable. (We reserve the right to edit for length and clarity.)
Currently, we are only accepting email submissions. Please send your poems to
Submissions should be in English, or in Japanese with English translation. Bilingual or multilingual texts also considered. Authors/translators responsible for securing copyright permission.

Please send no less than three poems, and no more than six. Do not submit revisions of previously rejected work.


We feature poems with some connection to Tokyo/Japan at the textual or authorial level. Not so into poems about cherry blossoms, etc. Exceptions apply, but clichés and/or Orientalist verse are unwelcomed.

We generally take some time to respond. We are poets, and we are volunteers. Please be patient with us, and thank you for trusting us with your work.

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