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Volume 9: Gender / Queer / Here

"Is there something that sets apart queer poets in Japan from other artists of the spoken word? Are we guilty of creating a myopic binary view of the poetic continuum here? We'd like to think that someday, one's gender/sex/sexuality wouldn’t matter in our appreciation for a poem, but that time hasn't arrived yet. So we ask ourselves again what is our criteria for selecting poems that would represent the LGBTIQAA perspectives or communities? If we look up at the summer sky at night we see a bright band stretching all the way across from North to South, our Milky Way Galaxy. With the naked eye, a nebulous flow, but with a telescope, we can resolve myriads of individual stars. This volume is our telescope, and we realize we can't adequately represent the whole queer Galaxy, but we can state this is a first scan of said Galaxy."

––from intro, by Barbara Summerhawk

Poetry and Translations by:

Mutsuo Takahashi, Satake Yu, Murayama Kaita, Otake Kokichi, Ishii Tatsuhiko, Ryōko Sekiguchi, Tania Mitra, Tanaka Atsusuke, Mizuta Noriko, Watanabe Mieko, Aizawa Keizō, Eric Selland, Enomoto Saclaco, Ryan Dzelzkalns, Yoshihara Sachiko, Sakisaka Kujira, Jordan A. Y. Smith, Murou-san, Huw Lloyd, Barbara Summerhawk, Cheiron Mcmahill, Hiromi Itō, Jeffrey Angles, Kimberly Hughes, Tanya Barnett, Kawano Megumi, Yamanaka Chise.

Interview: Takahashi Mutsuo X Jeffrey Angles


Reviews of works by Yoko Danno and Ōoka Makoto


Cover art by D Whom, Stefani St Sl*t and Kat Joplin


Featured Editor: TPJ's own Editor Emeritus, Barbara Summerhawk

From this issue:

Satake Yu

From Kusabue

Ryan Dzelzkalns

A Support Group for Shapeshifters

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