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Ryan Dzelzkalns


A Support Group for Shapeshifters       

Do not let your body give you away.

If he met you with breasts, he will expect breasts.


No one said loving humans was easy.

While there is weakness in predictability,


this is what he will love about you.

He will pretend a rose is a rose because


he too is stuck in his one, dumb shape.

Like he’s never thought of flowers and fruit,


the same organ suffering time. As though

each lover weren’t the same lover in a new skin.


As though each lover weren’t you. Imagine

waking up next to the same person


you fell asleep with. Imagine a love where

you can touch each other the same way for years.


Yeah, it’s boring when you say it like that,

but you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want it too.


I know you want to fill your dark wings with wind,

but think of him knowing all that’s wrong with you


and choosing to stay. Imagine him waking up,

seeing your face first thing and smiling.


You must skip the midnight flights.

People never really change. Point at the moon.


If the moon is your body, you’ve failed.

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