Forget the history of movements and genres and forms—this issue explores some of the poetry, poetic techniques, and intersecting, polyglot voices that seem to us to represent the poetic spirit that is animating Tokyo in 2019. 

Poetry and Translations by

Joshua Burns, Stanford Cheung, John Francis Cross, Ryan Dzelzkalns, William Elliot, Naoko Fujimoto, Noriko Gamblin, Derek Gromadzki, Naoko Higashi 東直子, Akane Ichinose, Inagaki Hiloco, Arkaye Kierulf, Taylor Mignon, Sawako Nakayasu, Jasmine Nihmey Vasdi, Katsumasa Nishihara, Gemma Parker, Kōno Saki 神野紗希, Simon Scott, Todd Silverstein, Jordan A.Y. Smith, Tanikawa Shuntaro, Joy Waller, Sharni Wilson, David Walton Wright, and Miki Yuuri


Essays/Reviews by Jordan A. Y. Smith and Todd Silverstein, Laurel Taylor, and Daryl Maude

Art by Mad Dog Jones

Volume 8


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