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Rosakelbia Liliana Estela Mendoza
The Red Fish of Hiroshima


The red fish of Hiroshima was the only survivor on the shores after the big explosion.

A unique species, long and thin, the fish went from inhabiting the waters of the Pacific to inhabiting the body of the first woman who visited the ruins of the place, after the explosion. The Japanese specialists in Marine Biology did not take long to pronounce on the last fish in the waters of Hiroshima, which had become an endoparasite due to the high concentrations of radioactive substances.


Unlike other endoparasites, the red fish did not feed on the woman — the host — but on the rays of the moon that pass through the young body of the lady that is adorned with cinnamon and black pepper. This is what happens when the fish moves inside the eyes of its companion, it does not completely block her vision, and it recreates memories of other times in short horizontal lines. The beautiful girl contemplates two worlds: the current world, in which she rests in a hand-carved armchair, and the journey of the fish, which crosses the masses of fire at high speed. Her sleeping heart flutters at the sound of the great explosion. She opens her eyes and it is 1945. She closes her eyes and time doesn’t exist. As an ornithologist in Fantastic Literature (specialist in mythological birds and more), with several years of experience; I conclude that the red fish of Hiroshima, which now coexists with the beauty of the young girl, in a city outside of Japan, the fish will very soon turn into a bird. And you, my honorable Madame, will have a very special talent for navigating skies and seas!

The entrance to the city of Hiroshima was a pilgrimage journey of several days and nights. The sky in a very noble attitude, moved by the great explosion, allows nights with two moons and it illuminates the travelers with its orchestra of shooting stars. The sun focuses on sending heat strokes to other continents that need its presence to continue with local agriculture and livestock. There is a compassionate sun in Hiroshima. Various men and women from nearby cities, outsiders, and healers assisted to rebuild the city. The prayers of the most devout, made the body become much lighter, walking a path without footprints.

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