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Jordan A.Y.

Flamingo Close Up

Managing Editor at ToPoJo and Guest Editor for Volume 4: Heisei Generations, Jordan writes poetry and translates works by the likes of Yoshimasu Gōzō (Alice Iris Red Horse, 2016), Mizuta Noriko (The Road Home 2015; Sea of Blue Algae,2016), and various works by Nagae Yūki, Saihate Tahi, Fuzuki Yumi, Tanikawa Shuntarō, Alberto Fuguet and more.
Currently Associate Professor of International Humanities at Josai International University, he has previously taught at CSU Long Beach, UCLA, Roger Williams Univ, UC Riverside, and Korea Univ. He earned his doctorate at UCLA (Comparative Literature) and researches in translation studies, Japanese literature, and global comedy.

See more at his website or at his Academia page.

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