The Deer Girl                Hachikai Mimi

鹿の女                                                   蜂飼耳

Downwind, body hidden awaiting prey

Ankles awash in the waves of reeds

Warm mud  nimble water striders  distorted clouds

Nose tip pressing an invisible wall    a deer

That starry frost coated box

Carried evenly on its back   a deer

Inside that deer inside that deerskin, I

Enter   abide   elope

Next morning, I select arrow select bullet fly off

Just then   Tones from a flute float in

(May someone stifle that)

(I say I’ll embrace that)

Are swept off to the ends of a current of creatures

Juice of white peaches grown underground   my New Realm

At the ends of the creatures’ lives, they lie stretched out

On their backs   the reborn summer  sounds of the grass

Hyooo hyooo  the flute whistles

Stance held, select arrow select bullet  race away



– Translation by Jordan A. Y. Smith

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