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Our 2020 issue, commemorating the tumultuous and tempestuous year in the way that only poetry can: with grace, with momentum, with acknowledgement of what has arrived, informing always what is yet to come.  


Poetry and Translations by:

Oshima Takeo (trans. Jordan A. Y. Smith), Marco Harnam Kaisth, Durell Smith, Eugene Ryan, Keijiro Suga, Leah Ann Sullivan, Acochua (trans. Jordan A. Y. Smith), Todd Silverstein, Steven Karl, K. V. Twain, Sasa/Marie (trans. Jordan A. Y. Smith), Alijaž Koprivnikar, Gale Acuff, Carl Walsh, Nora Kirkham, Michelle Egan, Hirata Toshiko (trans. Eric E. Hyett and Spencer Thurlow), Polchate (Jam) Kraprayoon, Cynthia Abdallah, DAH, Alan Price, Joy Waller, Chay Canceran, Michael Frazier, John Solt, Jeffrey Johnson, Taylor Mignon, Barbara Roether, Barbara Summerhawk, Hachikai Mimi (trans. Kyoko Yoshida)

Prose by Ryo Michiko (trans. Hana Pivinskaya and Mideki Fernando)


Reviews of works by Yamaguchi Tsutomu, Meg Eden, Keijiro Suga, Yoko Danno, and Kiriu Minashita


Art by Jason Scuderi and Inka Piironen

Volume 10

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