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Little Planet                                                                               Shiraishi Kazuko



This little planet begins to

                        have a headache

Since humans occupied it and

                        took it out of God’s hand

Green blood dries, earth's veins


The Whale gets harpooned before

                        he sends singing Telepathy of Love

Big jet-flies circle the planet’s

                        head and turn the occident

                        into a skull

Planets break their necks all thru

                        21st century

Meanwhile killers get high on

                        the God of Science

& cheer the big Arms race on

Kicking the globe in the head and

                        puncturing its skin

Earth looks like it won’t recover,

                        too many humans busy watching T.V.

And no one says anything about saving

                        the planet

Will anyone witness our little

                        Noah’s Ark planet drown

                        in the Universe?

Only if they’re able to dig up a

                        Time Capsule named the Future



––Paris December 9. 1982, translated by Allen Ginsberg

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